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Darwin private hire car goes off the beaten track on a luxury adventure

Darwin private hire car goes bush
No where is too far for our guests...even on the dirt roads

When some guests recently asked Territory Limousine Service “how far does your service travel outside of Darwin” our immediate response was ‘as far as you need us to go’. Little did we know we would be taking one of our private hire vehicles to one of the most remote cattle stations in the Northern Territory. It was going to be a luxury adventure like never before!

Heading out from Darwin at around 1pm, our Chrysler 300C was stocked with complimentary light refreshments for our guests, as they settled back in comfort for the journey ahead. We estimated the trip would take around 7 hours door to door, stopping in Katherine for a comfort stop and to stretch the legs. From Katherine we followed the Victoria Highway onto the Buntine Highway until we reach the turn off the to the station.

The easy part was over…now it was time for us to show our guests just how well this luxury sedan could handle unsealed roads…40kms of it in fact! Of course, there was never any doubt that our guests would enjoy complete comfort all the way to Killarney Station.

Killarney Station is located around 280 kms south west of Katherine and is a pastoral lease that operates as a cattle station in the Victoria River District. The station spans approximately 2819 sq km runs about 40,000 head of Brahman cattle.

But cattle weren’t the only animals that would be seen on this trip. Who’d of thought we would come across so many wild and wonderful creatures, way out here in the never never. If it wasn’t kangaroos jumping out at dusk, it was feral pigs roaming the country side, or lizards basking in the sun. And on the way back home to Darwin the next day, our driver even came across a heard of donkeys frolicking in a paddock catching the first early morning rays of sunlight.

Desert Lizard
You never know what you're going to see when travelling through outback Australia

Something else our driver did see plenty of on the trip, and that’s the red dust of the NT. As you can imagine, our beautiful white Chrysler Sedan wasn’t very white by the time it got back to Darwin. It had a lovely tinge of red inside and out. So, she got an extra special pamper treatment; a long soak in the suds for the outside and some special detailing on the inside, all ready for our next adventure.

Territory Limousine Service has a range of vehicles to choose from when you require an exclusive private vehicle from Darwin. Not only do we have our Chrysler 300C and Statesman Caprice to choose from, but we also have access to other vehicles such as a Four- Wheel Drive or even Mini Buses for larger groups.

We can’t wait for our next outback adventure, so if you’re in need of a transfer or want a personalised tour of the Territory, make sure you give us a call, so we can transport you in Territory Style!

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