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Kakadu...the journey and the destination!

Lady standing on rocks at sunset, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia

Looks like the word got out early this year…that Darwin and the Top End is the place to visit.

And it seems visitors are not waiting for the official dry season, because it’s actually been extremely busy up here for the last couple of months.

Usually this time of year we are still in preparation mode, waiting excitedly for the calendar to tick over to June 1, signalling the onset of the wintery months down south which triggers an influx of visitors peeling off the layers of jumpers as they emerge from the arrivals lounge at Darwin International Airport, ready to embrace this tropical destination with its vibrant atmosphere and it’s amazing and wonderous natural attractions, history, culture and truly unique experiences that makes the Top End a holiday destination like no other.

Cruise ships moored in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia
Lady standing on balcony looking over waterfront Darwin NT

So take a moment to picture yourself arriving into Darwin (possibly it’s your first time to the Top End, or maybe you’re coming back for a more adventurous holiday this time around) and you’re greeted by your own personal chauffeur driver who is waiting eagerly to welcome you into one of our superbly air-conditioned luxury vehicles, the metre is off, cool drink in hand and the ancient spirits of Kakadu National Park are calling to you, waiting for your arrival to these sacred and wonderous lands.

Entry sign to Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia

Did you know that one of the most popular requests we’ve had so far this year, is the must-do visit to Kakadu National Park. Have you been one of the lucky ones to visit this awe-inspiring location yet? If you haven’t, you are definitely missing out!

Now whilst most of the time your travels can be all about the destination, with Territory Limousine Service, we think the journey is pretty special as well, because there is such an expanse of breathtaking country to pass through on the way to Australia’s biggest national park. Did you know that Kakadu National Park is located only 300km from Darwin but stretches over 20,000 square kilometres...that's half the size of Switzerland.

Lady and man in cruise wetland in boat at Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia

Think lush wetlands, expansive flood plains and magnificent rivers teaming with birdlife.

Wild water buffalo Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia

The odd crocodile and water buffalo.

Couple with tour guide looking at rock art Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia

Spectacular landscapes and sandstone escarpments revealing rock art dating back thousands of years.

Couple with tour guide sitting beside rock pool at Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia

Magnificent waterfalls that have carved out idyllic waterholes for cooling the soul and connecting you to the land which is home to the local Bininj and Mungguy aboriginal people.

As you can imagine, there is so much to see and do both on your journey and once you reach your destination and there is a saying going around...

“some Kakadu is better than no Kakadu”

That’s why Territory Limousine Service is here to help you make the best of the time you have available whilst you’re visiting Darwin and the Top End so you can experience a little or a lot of these ancient lands.

Territory Limousine Service offers 1 Day Luxury Tours to Kakadu National Park, giving you a just a small taste of what the park has to offer.

Or if you have a little more time to spare and you’re planning on staying overnight or for a few days, we offer one way or return transfers to your Kakadu accommodation.

Couple looking at bed at accommodation in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia
Cooking BBQ at sunset at accommodation in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia

We had some lovely guests who recently visited Kakadu for a couple of days, who journeyed with us on the way out and took a scenic helicopter flight back to Darwin so they could take in Kakadu from all angles.

Lady in helicopter over Kakadu National Park NT

And this is just one of the many itineraries we can organise for you combining our local knowledge and experience to ensure you have the most memorable visit to Australia's Northern Territory.

If you would like more information about our Tours and Transfers to Kakadu, Litchfield, Katherine, Darwin or any other Top End locations,

call us on 0429 776 799 or email

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